Mad About Madrid has been running for around 11 years now and has offered travel advice to hundreds of thousands of visitors (2,150,498 pages viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors) from all over the world. Most visitors come from the States, closely followed by visitors from Spain, the UK and Ireland. It has now managed to position itself as one of the leading sites for visitors to Spain’s Capital City. It is prominently placed on Google for most Madrid search terms, is regularly referenced on news websites and on weblogs and has hundreds of external links into it.

About Me
My name is Alun John and, as you may guess from reading my articles, I am very passionate about Madrid. I lived there for eight years, up until I left in 1997, and now live just outside Cardiff, Wales. My wife and her family are from Madrid and that’s how I am able to get out there around 3-4 times a year. We have two children – Jac and Sofía – who are [almost] 12 and 10. For around the past 14 years I have worked as an Digital Marketing Consultant and you can find out a little more about this on Marketing Tom, my business website.

More on Mad About Madrid

Here’s something that I wrote way back in 2003 but which has not really changed:

This site is actually a blog, which allows me to add an article, as and when I want. This article can be allocated a category, like Madrid Travel, so that when you click on categories you will find all articles, listed in chronological order, that I have written on that subject. In addition, this blog allows visitors the opportunity to leave comments on practically every article (except this one!!).

Mad About Madrid will aim to give visitors a comprehensive guide to all things associated with Madrid. This will cover getting to Madrid, getting around Madrid, eating, sleeping, visiting and having fun in Madrid. Expect to see information on Madrid’s buildings, walks, parks, sports and excursions from Madrid. The web site will also attempt to keep visitors up-to-date with the latest events going on in Madrid.

The site has been dormant (article-wise for around 5 years) but I’m now focusing on adding new content ready for the Summer of 2014.


¡Hasta pronto!


[Updated March 2014]

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