Fundación Lázaro Galdiano


On Madrid’s c/Serrano you will find the Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, which is set in a beautiful palace and is considered to be one of the Spain’s finest private musuems. The collection, built up by the Spanish entrepreneur José Lázaro Galdiano (1862-1947), comprises over 15,000 works of art and a librabry containing more than 20,000 books. The museum first opened its doors in 1951 and, after closing for refurbishment in 2001, reopened last month. Artists on show include: Goya, Velázquez, El Greco, Murillo, Zubaran, Constable, Reynolds and Gainsborough. You will also find a good collection of porcelain, clocks, bronzes and many other art pieces.

Opening Times
10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (Closed on Tuesdays)
4 Euros; Free on Wednesdays
c/ Serrano 122
c/ Serrano: lines 9, 16, 19 and 51.
c/ María de Molina: line 12.
P° de la Castellana: lines 27, 45, 150.
Rubén Darío (line 5)
Gregorio Marañón (7 and 10)

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  1. I paid a visit to this museum on Saturday and I was delighted with the exhibits. A big plus at this museum is that all works of art have english descriptions as well as the spanish ones. Each room of the museum has a description and a photograph of what the room was used for when Lazaro Galdiano lived there.

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