PhotoEpaña 2006

Photo España PHotoEpaña 2006 is a major photograhpic festival which takes place yearly around the capital. The official press release states that :

The exhibitions showcase new tendencies in the world of photography and the visual arts, attracting both general and specialist audiences. They are the ideal opportunity for discovering the latest photographic projects, videos and installations produced by leading national and international photographers and visual artists. The exhibitions are complemented by parallel activities such as Campus PHE, which offers a series of workshops by great masters of photography; Cine PHE; professional seminars; public screenings of audiovisuals, portfolio reviews, etc.

The Casa de  América, Centro Culutral de Conde Duque, Círculo de Bellas Artes, the Real Jardín Botánico and the Thyssen Museum are just a selction of the official places where you can view some of the exhibition. There are also a large number of ‘unofficial’ places where you can view photographs – mainly galleries. For a complete roundup of the photographers and venues, visit the PHotoEpaña 2006 site. 

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