Prado Museum displays restored El Greco paintings

saint_peterUntil the 19th September the Prado Museum will display 3 restored El Greco paintings. The works include The Immaculate Conception (the Oballe Conception); Saint Peter and Saint Ildefonso (which belong to the Monastery of El Escorial).

Here is an excerpt from the Prado Museum:
“Shown together as a temporary exhibition, the three works are: The Immaculate Conception (the Oballe Conception), one of El Greco’s masterpieces and one of his most beautiful and lyrical representations of the Virgin, loaned by the parish church of San Nicolás de Bari in Toledo; Saint Peter; and Saint Ildefonso, two important paintings from the end of the artist’s career, now the property of Patrimonio Nacional. The painting of the Virgin, executed by El Greco between 1607 and 1613, was executed for the Oballe Chapel in the church of San Vicente in Toledo, founded by Doña Isabel Oballe, hence its name and the popular title of the painting. The painting is shown for the first time in Spain following its restoration at the Museo del Prado.”

The Prado musuem has dedicated part of their website to El Greco y La Capilla de Oballe where you can find some intersting facts about the painting and its restoration.

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