Barrios de Madrid

The other day I had an interesting comment added to one of my web posts. Here it is:

I am looking for a good description of the personalities of the various sections of Madrid in order to determine in which neighborhood I’d like to stay. Any ideas?

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to do a little bit of searching and came across a couple of good sites which offer information on the various barrios of Madrid. The obvious starting point was Wikipedia which has a basic overview of some of the more popular ones in its Madrid Wiki page. The Spanish version of Wikipedia also details 8 of the barrios in its barrios de Madrid section.

I also came across a superb supplement in the online newspaper 20 Minutos (in Spanish), which is called La Tierra de los Mil Barrios or Land of the Thousand ‘Barrios’. It offers a detailed overview of the barrios both in central Madrid and the suburbs and is accompanied by photo galleries and statistical details – many also have visitor comments.


Let me know if you come across any good barrio guides.

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