Top 10 Attractions and Sites of Madrid

If you were only going to see 10 sites in Madrid, then these would be my recommendations:

1. The Prado Museum – Metro Banco de España
2. Puerta del Sol – Metro Sol
3. Plaza Mayor – Metro Sol
4. Retiro Park – Metro Retiro
5. Royal Palace – Metro Ópera
6. Calle Gran Vía – Metro Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Callao and Banco de España
7. Reina Sofía Museum – Metro Banco de España
8. Thyssen Museum – Metro Banco de España
9. Fountains of Cibeles and Jupiter – Metro Banco de España and Colon
10. Puerta de Alcalá – Metro Retiro

Please let me know if you have any favourites you could add to this list.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Attractions and Sites of Madrid”

  1. dear Mad-About-Madrid,
    Great web site ! I am a Spaniard, living abroad, and currently visiting my “Patria”. Your web site provides excellent information and great bar reviews ! By the way… can you suggest where I can find a British social club here in Madrid where I can meet up with Brits ?
    ¿ Muchas Gracias !

  2. Hello,
    I’m currently living in Madrid and with the temperatures rising, I would want to find a natural pool or “pantano” nearby madrid to spend saturdays or sundays accessible by public transport because i dont have a car!

  3. hey mad about madrid i just absoulutley love your web site it helped me with so many things. Im also of the hispanic origin im Puerto Rican and i love to visit new places. Mucahs Gracias and !auste lugo!

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