Workplay by Andrew Losowsky Opens at the Alternativa Theatre Festival


I just had an email from Andrew Losowsky, a journalist/photographer/author, who has written to inform me that his new play – Workplay – will be premiering on 21st February (until 26th) at the Teatro Independiente Sur.

It’s called Workplay, and it’s premiere is next Tuesday, as part of the La Alternativa theatre festival. It’s the only English language production in the festival. The director is Tom Wright, a London theatre director who has flown over especially to direct the piece.

According to Andrew’s weblog,
Workplay is:

"A Hitchcock-style drama about strange people and ordinary jobs. If work was nothing but a game, 
would you know when to stop playing? An unsettling new play with sharp dialogue where nothing is what it seems.

I wish him all the very best!

Ticket Prices: 10 Euros 
Address: c/ Primavera, 11

91 528 13 59
664 345 789

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