Fast Good a new fast food concept opens in Madrid


Last month the top Catalan chef, Ferrán Adrià, opened a new concept in fast food called ‘Fast Good’. This new outlet is located in the hotel NH Eurobuilding and aims to prove that it is possible for a fast food restaurant to provide clients with better, richer and healthier food. Two examples that are cited are: 1. the olive oil in the friers is changed every day and 2. the macedonia comes with the juice in a separate bowl to preserve the texture of the fruit! This is from the NH Hotels press release:

“..we can eat hamburgers made using beef as usual, but garnished with trocadero lettuce, tapenade sauce, or with rucula and gorgonzola, for example; the panini combine ham, asparagus or cheese with sage, pine nuts, crystallised spring onions or even foie; as for salads, we find combinations as exclusive as green beans with fingers of pâté de canard, leek with crystallised chicken and spices, or wild rice with cous-cous, rounded off with a wide selection of lettuces and fruit, always dressed with home-made sauces. Some meals come with non-frozen French fries made at once using olive oil.”

WOW! This sounds great and apparently the hotel chain plans to open up many new Fast Good outlets in the future. Looking at various sources on the web, the prices are very good, too – a meal would cost under €15.

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Padre Damián, 23, Madrid

3 thoughts on “Fast Good a new fast food concept opens in Madrid”

  1. I’m looking for smoke-free restaurants in Madrid. Does anyone know if Fast Good is smoke-free? Or of any other restaurants that are? Thanks

  2. April
    Smoke-free restaurants in Madrid? That is indeed a tall order and one of the great shames of the city. I would love to hear from people myself to find out if there are any. I don’t even think that the foreign chains are smoke-free – the problem with the foreign chain is that you comprise quality food for comfort.

  3. Funny you would mention that, we have family visiting us in Germany (moving to Madrid in 3 weeks) and when we went out for dinner they couldn’t get over the fact almost every table had smokers. About the only way to find non smoking sections is to eat at American chains and perhaps Ikea.

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