Top Places to eat Madrid’s Top Dishes


The culture guide of online Spanish newspaper El Mundo often reviews the best places in Madrid to eat certain dishes. Metrópoli, as the guide is called, doesn’t just let you know about places to eat the more offerings but also where you can find more creative examples of these dishes. Here are a selection of some of my favourites (in Spanish):

CochinilloBaby Suckling Pig – a perfect main course in Madrid (though even better in Segovia!)
BocadillosBaguettes – these are wonderful for lunch and are always freshly prepared at the premises.
Tabla de QuesosCheese Tray
Solomillo ibéricoIberian Sirloin Steak – don’t forget that well done in Spain equates to medium or just eat it as it should be eaten!
Alcachofas FritasFried Artichokes
Boquerones en vinagreAnchovies marinated in vinegar– Simply wonderful!Cheesecake_1
Espárragos creativosCreative Asparagus – a great starter
Pimientos de PadrónPadrón Peppers – the Spanish will always tell you that some are hot and others not. Delicious!
Platos con espinacasSpinach dishes – one of my favourites is potaje de espinacas con garbanzos (a dish of spinach and chick peas).
Pescados a la salFish cooked in a layer of salt
Tartas de quesoCheesecakes

To translate any of these pages into English use the Google, simply add the web address (URL) into this Google Translation page.

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