The World’s Most Expensive Hamburger

Botín might be the oldest restaurant in the world (1725) and Taberna de Antonio Sánchez may be the oldest bar in Madrid (1830) but to this list can now be added Restaurante Estik, which sells (they reckon) the most expensive hamburger in the world. At 85 Euros (about $107) the Kobe steak hamburger will set you back a little more than your standard burger but it will ceratinly be one that you won’t forget eating! However, according to the Guinness Book of Records the title of “most expensive hamburger in the world” goes to a New York restaurant, DB Burger Royale, whose hamburger sells for around $69. I’m sure this won’t last long.

If you feel that your credit card could take such a hit on a burger, head over to the Restaurante Estik website and book a table. With all the talk of trans fats and the damage they can cause, this hamburger may not be that costly!

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