Tinto de Verano – a Perfect Drink for Summer

I have been speaking (by emal) with Kelly over at kellycrull.com and he mentioned that his favourite drink was Tinto de Verano. So, given that we are now in the warm months of summer, I thought that it would be an idea to post the ingredients for one of summer’s most refreshing drinks, Tinto de Verano:

1/2 bottle of red wine
Casera, lemonade or sprite
Lemon wedge/slice

Place ice in tall glass
Pour in the red wine until it is half full
Add the lemonade to fill it
Add a slice of lemon

Delicioso! – as ‘backpack’ would say in Dora the Explorer (you can tell I have a 4 year-old!)

I have seen variations of this and expect to receive an email from my brother-in-law to refine it! Please, let me know if you have any variations. Apparently, it doesn’t really matter whether it is a good or poor wine.

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