Currency Exchange and banks

I can’t understand why tourists allow themselves to get fleeced at currency exchange booths in Madrid. I suppose we’ve all gone on holiday and been to these places. There is an alternative, however, and it’s called a bank! There are no shortages of banks in Madrid (you’ll see the popular ones all over the city) and practically all the main banks will be able to exchange currency for you – probably saving you a good 15-20% or more than if you went to a currency exchange booth. Here is a list of popular banks: Santander Central Hispano, BBVA, Caja Madrid and Banesto.

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  • June 9, 2004 at 3:27 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam: I am looking for website of Bank of Santander (Currency Exchange bankin Madrid, Spain. Would you kind enough to let me know their website, phone numbr, and fax number. Please mail the information to my e-mail:
    Thank you in advance.
    H.S.Roger Aangel

  • September 29, 2004 at 1:02 am

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for the web site and the address of Unicaja Bank (Banco Unicaja) Madrid, spain and would like to know it at the earliest. Thanks in advance
    Rajahsree K

  • October 20, 2004 at 11:25 pm

    Dear Sir/Madame:I am looking for address of Banco Unicaja in Madrid ,also names of Directors .Please mail information to my E-mail Thanking you in advanceGisele Erhardt

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