Metro Madrid Website – Review

Metro Madrid

Any visitor to Madrid should get to know and use the Madrid Metro. It covers virtually the whole city and every tourist destination can be reached by it. I have previously written an article, entitled Madrid – Metro and Bus Travel, so this should act as an update to that and provide supplementary information. The Madrid Metro website offers the English speaker the chance to view most information in English (see drop-down in upper right of Metro Website), though clicking on some will take you to pages where you will need to know a little Spanish.

‘Travel in the Metro’ gives you a sub-menu for ‘Map’, ‘Best Journey’, ‘Interchangers’, ‘Tickets and Prices’, ‘Timetables’ and ‘Regulations’. All of them offer decent information in English, except ‘Map’. A help guide for the map can be found at the end of this article. The street map, which is created using Flash, is a great tool for finding your Madrid destinations. The Website does include a pdf of the Metro map, though I would suggest asking for a free one at the Metro station when you get to Madrid.

Help guide to Madrid Metro Map
Here are some translations which will help you plan Metro journeys:
Líneas: Lines
Ver Todads: View All
Elija Línea: Select line

Cálculo de trayectos: Journey calculator
Comenzar: Start
Estaciones: Stations
Seleccionar: Start
Siguiente: Next

Tipo de día: Type of day (normal, Staurday or Sunday)
Tipo de viaje: Type of journey (Normal, quickest or least connections)

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