Madrid weather forecasts

The weather in Madrid does have its peaks and troughs. At present, it is starting to dip after a fairly oppressive summer, the temperature regulary hitting over 40ºC. Madrid in Autumn is just great, neither hot nor cold, and going into winter there is always a chance of snow, especially in the mountains and ski resorts north of Madrid. I would certainly recommend a trip to the Royal Palace in Aranjuez which is beautiful with its gardens covered in leaves. Trawling around the web I came across some useful websites for Madrid weather:

El Mundo newspaper gives you today’s weather and forecasts. In the coming months you’ll be able to see what the snow forecast is for Navecerrada on this web site, too. This is another forecast from CNN and a neat one from Yahoo.

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  1. My wife and I (both late 40s!) are staying in Madrid for 5 nights days over Easter. Can anyone recommend things to do, places to visit etc. We intend travelling around Madrid by public transport and my spanish is passable(ish).

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