Madrid – Metro and Bus Travel

Getting around many of the main attractions in Madrid can be done quite easily on foot; for longer distances, or in hot weather, there’s always the Metro. Metro Madrid has undergone extensive development over the last 10-15 years and is now one of the finest in Europe. It is also one of the cheapest – single journeys cost around 1 Euro and a 10-ticket pass costs 5.20 Euros. The latter offers great value and also lets you use the bus services, too. The Metro is open from 6 a.m until 2 a.m.

Tickets can be bought from the Metro stations or from Tobacconists. If you’re coming from the airport, then you can take the Metro to almost the centre of Madrid. The Metro Madrid web site offers metro maps, street maps and timetables, amonsgt other things.

TIP You will find that pickpockets (often operating in groups of 3) do operate on the Metro, especially in the Puerta del Sol and Atocha area. Always be wary of people who have a coat slung over their arms or who tuck newspapers up in such a way to conceal stolen wallets. My advice is to keep your bags and wallets safe and make sure you don’t get into situations where you’re being pushed.

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  1. Ihave enjoyedyour articule realle informative my husband and I are getting ready to travel to Spain april 10 thru april main 25 2005 .my main interest la feria de sevill to see las sevillanas the casetas and the bullfights in madrid. I have been doing some research,our tour is april 11 arrives n madrid by the 16 we arrive in sevilla overnite. I think my days willnot cordinate with time of thr bullfights I have tried to get some info on google with no luck.and the travel agency they do not favor bullfights .can you advise me please thank you Mina Newman .mabey we need to change our dates

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