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Following quickly on the trail of my restaurant recommendation, I have received another suggestion from a visitor to Madrid. William Brunnel of Scotland often goes to Madrid and on his last trip he saw something that he had never seen before, a Segway tour of the city. Here’s what he told me:

"On my last trip in Jan 06 I saw a tour like I’ve never
seen before and thought you may
want to have a look at as there is
about it on your website.
I stopped the chap and asked ….ended up going on a tour of the city
centre on a Segway. Its brilliant, the best expierience I’ve had in a

If you don’t know what a Segway is, read this:

The Segway is the world’s first self-balancing transportation device.
Computers and motors in the base keep the Segway upright at all times.
Users lean forward to move forward, and back to move backwards.

The company that he went with is called Mad Segs and they offer tours of some of Madrid’s main tourist sites, like the Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, the Prado Musem and the Templo de Debod on a Segway. Tours last  2 hours and cost 60 Euros (with a discount for groups over 4 people) – some take  place at night.

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  1. After I saw this information on your website I went and booked a tour with this company. I must say that every bit of it was true…an unbelievable experience…the machines are mindblowing and (perhaps apart from breathing) the easiest thing you’ll ever learn…up and running in a few minutes. We had some sceptical ladies on our glide but they all loved it! And the guide itself is also very good. He’s obviously very passionate about his job (and the Segway’s ;-).

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