A Tale of Two Coffees

6a00d8341cb24853ef00e54f68e7518834-640wiI’ve just been watching a programme on BBC 4 about Bob Dylan –
Bob Dylan: No Direction Home Parts 1 & 2 – and on a number of occasions they started discussing his protest songs. Well, this is my own little protest – if you come to Madrid, buy local not global. Don’t buy from burgers, coffee, chicken wings, and other such products from multinational companies. Simply buy from local businesses and take a break from what you may buy back home. You’ll be better off for it!

Let me give you an example. In the photo above you will see Starbucks (map) on the left and a local Spanish bar –Taberna los 4 Robles – on the right. Out of curiosity I popped into Starbucks to find out the price of their coffee – it was 2.30 Euros for their smallest coffee. On the other hand the price for a cafe con leche in the bar next door was 1.10 Euros. The latter place had a wonderful marble counter, beautiful tiling, great design  – and even the coffee is good! To me there is no contest.

So, when in Madrid, go Madrileño – you’ll enjoy the experience far more. End of protest.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Coffees”

  1. I completely agree on most things, but when I was in Madrid I ended up buying coffee almost every morning from Starbucks because I couldn’t carry Spanish coffee with you to class!!
    Oh Madrid, can’t wait to go back!

  2. Interesting point Daniel. Just to play devil’s advocate, why don’t you go a little bit earlier to drink your coffee and savour all that Spanish cafe’s have to offer – the noise, the people, the great coffee – and have a croissant or pincho de tortilla to accompany it. And don’t forget – how often do you see Spanish people walking around with coffees or even eating food? The Spanish really know how to enjoy food and I think, unfortunately, walking around drinking coffee is a very American or British thing

  3. I’m actually from Canada, but I get the point 🙂
    It seems like we’re programmed to multitask here in North America, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.
    Really enjoy your site, btw.

  4. I must admit I like both, weekends Starbucks is a treat for the wife and I, during the week its Cafe con leche and Churros, actually when i first arrived it was Cafe sin leche (did i get it right) as I couldn’t figure out how to ask for milk. I don’t think Starbucks will ever put anyone out of business at 3 euros a hit its an occasional pricey treat.

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