Bomec – a Tea Salon in Madrid


Coffee is definitely the preferred hot beverage in Madrid (well, throughout Spain) but if you would just prefer a cup of decent tea, you should head over to Bomec – a tea shop which is tucked away just behind the Metro in the Tribunal area. Bomec has on offer over 160 varieties of tea, all neatly displayed in metal tins behind the counter, and which come from China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Africa and India.

The shop is unlike other shops in the city centre – it is quite dark inside and seems to be inspired by the Orient. Bomec’s tea shop, which also sells all manner of tea accessories, is open during the morning and afternoon, whilst the wonderful little tea salon is open just in the afternoons. If you live in Spain, you can also have tea delivered to your door by Bomec. Also on the same side of the street you will find a traditional book binders – you can actually see them at work from the front window! Nearby, in c/ Fuencarral you wil find Corripio, a great place to stop for a glass of cider.


Address: C/ San Joaquín, 8 – Madrid (corner of Fuencarral nº 73 )

Metro: Tribunal

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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to buy some pe-urh tea from you either on line or through the post…i would be greatful if you could let me know if this is possible
    Josephine Coffey.

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