Restaurante Memento Opens in Madrid

I quite often get emails from people recommending places to eat, exhibitons to look out for and concerts to go to. Well, I think I’m going to start posting them directly on to the site and placing them into a new category, let’s call it "Visitor Recommendations".

Here’s the first one from Adrienne Smith, who used to run a very popular restaurant called Bluefish and who is now training to be a sommelier in Madrid. 

I wanted to let you know that another American named Karen Bell just opened a new place called Restaurante Memento, on calle Caracas 1.  It is off of Santa Engracia in Alonso Martinez, and I have to say that I have eaten there twice in two days, and it is absolutely fantastic. 

In her latish 20s, (so I have heard) Karen was a chef at quite a few well known restaurants in San Franscisco, studied in culinary school in the states and Paris, and has been working at the also American restaurant TOMA in Conde Duque for the last 2 years.  She is the chef owner of this new place and I have to say that the food is really really out of this world.  California cuisine, seasonal, all fresh, amazing wines and creative cocktails (cucumber cosmo etc.), and just excellent.

If anyone goes there, please let me know what you think.

Read the Update on Restaurante Memento.

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  1. Restaurante Memento

    The new Restaurante Memento in the Alonso Martinez neighborhood serves up California cuisine with vaguely international fusion influences. Why would you eat at such a place while in Madrid? A man cannot live on tapas alone, and besides, the constant…

  2. March 19;
    Both just ate at Momento, for me the foie gras, squid for my table mate as a starter, followed by tuna and ray as main courses. The combinations in all dishes were unexpectedly good: foie gras with mango and ray with truffle aren’t your first hunches but worked out perfectly. The caipirinha with maracucha as an aperetivo sort of gave it away: taste over conventional combinations. We’ll be giving our madrilenas friends the tip!

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