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Just had an email from Karen Bell who runs Restaurante Memento, the restaurant that I wrote about last week, with some more detail and an image of the place.

Memento is a small restaurant of 30 seats in the center of Madrid,
in the neighborhood of Alonso
Martinez. The decor is modern without being cold. The objective of
Memento is to serve high quality food and wine within a relaxed
atmosphere. The food is Californian cuisine which places an emphasis on
seasonality and the quality of ingredients. The menu changes often,
every two months. The food could be
considered "international" or "creative" as it has influences and
flavors from all over the world. There
is also a list of special fusion cocktails- cucumber cosmopolitan,
passion fruit caipraihina, or pomegranate Manhattan.

Sounds fantastic!

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  1. I found out about Memento on this site and last week went for the first time. I loved the restaurant, the warm and relaxed ambiance, and most of all the wonderful food. Definately international and creative as the above review states. I have already recommended the place to several friends. Check it out for yourself!

  2. I think the website is great – so thank you. But with regards to the above Restaurant, please could people give an idea of the cost of meals. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jan
    Thanks for your comments and suggestion. I will email Karen at Memento to see if she can give me an idea of price. In the meantime, you may want to email her with this same query: kebell1[at]

  4. Great website. I’m moving to Madrid in August and it’s great to read all the info on this site. Especially restaurant reviews like this! Definitely sounds worth checking out.

  5. @Janelle Norman:
    A wonderful dinner-wine included-@Memento will cost you around 40-45 € per person.
    At lunchtime,you can also try a fantastic “Menú del día” for 18’50 € plus IVA(7%tax)-entrée,main course,dessert,bread and a beverage are included.

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