Wine Dinner At Restaurante Memento

Restaurant Memento
I have blogged about both Catavino, Ryan Opaz’s excellent wine website, and Restaurante Memento, a Californian Fusion Restaurant in Madrid. Well, it looks like they have hooked up with  Planeta Vino to organise a  wine tasting evening. The event takes place on Monday 26th June, 2006 though I’m sure they will be doing more of the same in coming months. Here is a breakdown of what’s on offer next Monday (from Planeta Vino):

Spanish Classics:  A New Interpretation
gourmet four course meal with a different wine matched to each course.
Each course will be given comments by myself and Ryan of Catavino, who
is also one of the chefs. Memento’s talented American chef will offer
you a new take on some classic Spanish cuisine, Spain with a touch of
California!  This will be a great evening of food and wine for only
55€!    The dinner will start around 930 but feel free to come around 9
for a pre-dinner drink!

Certainly sounds like it could be a good night out!

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