Madrid Jazz Festival 2005


For the past 3 to 4 weeks I have seen a number of visitors arriving to this site looking for the Madrid Jazz Festival 2005. Unfortunately, they have had to content themselves with details of last year’s event. Well, as is often the case, the powers that be in Madrid have decided to release online details of this year’s event at the very last minute.

The XXII Madrid Jazz Festival will start on November 1st, 2005 and will feature an array of artists from around the world. It will conclude on the 1st December, 2005. This year it looks like around a third of all acts will be Flamenco Jazz-related. The festival will kick off with a concert by Paquito D’Rivera – ’50 Años y 300 noches’ – at the Centro Cultural de la Villa, the primary venue for most of the festival.

This year 2 concerts will take place with musicians from New Orleans, scene of so much devastation a couple of months ago. Some of the highlights of the festival include:

  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans
  • Dave Holland Quintet / Javier Vercher Cuarteto
  • Charlie Haden´s Liberation Music Orchestra / Dennis Rollins
  • Joe Zawinul Project & Wdr Big Band Köln
  • Diego Amador Trío
  • Roy Haynes
  • María Schneider Jazz Orchestra
  • Iré Habana : José María Vitier Cuarteto / SedaJazz
  • Guillermo McGill Quartet & David Liebman
  • Bob Sands Big Band & Laika Fatien
  • Habana Report / Joshua Edelman

And many, many more. For a full listing of shows, events and artists, you will need to check out the Esmadrid Jazz Festival Website

It is not just the large venues that will host Jazz artists but also the popular Jazz clubs, like Café  Central, Bar Café Clamores Jazz, Sala Barco and Rincon del Arte Nuevo.

In addition, you will find Jazz films like Piano Blues by Clint Eastwood and When We Were Kings by Leon Gast. There are two masterclasses and even Jazz concerts for kids.

For a full listing of show and events, you will need to check out the Esmadrid Jazz Festival Website

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