Pereza: Madrid’s Top Rock Band

Pereza_1Whilst in FNAC a few weeks ago I noticed a couple of Spanish lads buying a good few copies of the same CD. The band in question was called Pereza and the album – Animales – was the latest release from the band. The next time I went in to FNAC I listened to the album and was immediately hooked. I have been playing the album non-stop ever since – they are probably the most exciting Spanish rock band I’ve heard in many a year.

Pereza are a band from the North of Madrid who have been playing together since the end of the 1990’s and ‘Animales’ is now their third album. The first song they released off the album was ‘Princesas’ and you can listen to it and others on the Pereza website.

The band will be playing at the Palacio de Deportes in Madrid on the 11th June and I would certainly recommend trying to get along to see them.

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