Public Transport Fiesta

MadridsincochesThe City Council of Madrid along with EMT (bus) and Metro Madrid will be holding, for the third year running, a ‘public transport’ fiesta – the website is called Madrid Sin Coches (Madrid Without Cars). The idea of the fiesta is to create more awarenesss of public transport and to use personal vehicles in a more rational way in the city centre – very admirable! As part of this celebration a FREE concert will be held in the evening, featuring popular Spanish band Pereza singer Fran Perea and Cuban Rap band Orishas. The concert will be held in the Paseo de Camoens, which is a short walk from Moncloa Metro stop. In the morning there is a children’s fiesta starting at 11.30 a.m.

I would certainly recommend you go along and listen to Pereza who are undoubtedly the Spanish Rock/Pop find of the year.

11.30 pm: Children’s fiesta
7.00 pm : Fran Perea
8.30 pm: Pereza
10.00 pm: Orishas
Location: Paseo de Camoens
Metro: Moncloa
Entry: Free

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