My Madrid: Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter is the 27 year-old editor of InMadrid, billed as Madrid’s No.1 English Language Publication, who hails from Essex but now lives on the Gran Vía. He has been writing for the magazine for five years, and editing it for a year. Since he first arrived in Madrid he has taught English, worked at a record company, been a recruitment consultant and done PR for one of Madrid’s biggest club nights, Mondo. In addition, he also DJ’s once a month in AntiCafé (c/únion, 2).

Favourite Bar/Café – El Tigre, c/Infantas. The only place where you can
Granada-style tapas for free.
Favourite Dish(es) – Lentejas or anything with big, juicy gambas.

Favourite Tapas – Bonito con pimiento, jamón de bellota and really tasty

Favourite Restaurant – Embarrasingly, one of my favourite places in Madrid is Fresc Co – I can’t get enough of that all-you-can-eat salad. For a more traditional meal though, it has to be Casa Mingo or La Comunista in Chueca.

Favourite Shop – The butcher’s on calle Colón where I buy large chunks of delicious duck paté every month.
Favourite Building – The LaSGAE building – it’s the closest Madrid gets to Gaudí.

Favourite Season – Spring – just when it’s getting warm, but not too warm.
Favourite Barrio
– I love La Latina on a Sunday, it’s the perfect place to go for an
afternoon of cañas and tapas. Chueca comes in at a close second, for
the restaurants and marcha.
Favourite Day Trip from Madrid
– Heading to Segovia etc. is all very well, but I must admit I’ve had
some very funny days out of Madrid to the macro-discotecas for all-day
Sunday parties!! Fabrik in Fuenlabrada for the Goa Rave for example and all the way out to Toledo to Radical for the now-defunct Love Show.
A Perfect ‘Night Out’ would be…Tapas
and cañas before seeing my girlfriend’s band play a gig, head to El
Perro de la Parte Atrás del Coche for some copas and then on to a club.

Favourite Walk – It has to be that old favourite, the Retiro. Especially when the drummers are playing at the monument near the lake.

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