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Roger_warwickRoger Warwick is 41 years old and was born in Leeds, England. Having studied Computing at University, he moved to Spain in 1988, originally teaching English to business students. Later he moved to a computer company and finally ended up working for an International Company, where he now works as the IT Support Manager for Spain & Portugal. In his spare time (what spare time?, he asks) he is the webmaster for,, and several other websites. Roger lives in the Acacias area of Madrid.

We invited Roger to answer some questions to add to our My Madrid section – here are his answers:

Favourite bar/café? La Trocha in Huertas. It's a small, narrow bar which can get exceedingly full and stuffy at weekends but is well worth it for the excellent caiparinhas, their speciality, which they've been making
for over 25 years. (See also: Trocha Pub – "Place of the Caipirinha")
Favourite dish? There are so many! I generally prefer fish to meat so dorada or salmon "a la plancha" suits me fine. I'm very partial to seafood, so a good mariscada will always put a glow to my cheeks and a shine in my eyes.

Favourite tapas? Tapas should always be given free with your drink, as happens in most Madrid establishments, and also in the province of Granada. I'll eat and enjoy absolutely any small free tapas like this. If the tapa has to be paid for, as in almost all other areas of Spain, I love sharing a plate of "gambas a la plancha" with friends.

Favourite restaurant? Casa Lucio, Cava Baja. Spartan Castillian food of excellent quality. Their speciality is "huevos rotos", the King's favourite! Try the excellent cured ham with a bottle of their best Rioja – you'll go to bed with a smile on your face! Also Ribeira do Miño, Santa Brigida 1. Cheap but good

Favourite shop? I can't say shopping is a favourite activity of mine, but I coincide with a previous contributor in mentioning FNAC, where the CD's and books can keep me browsing for ages.

What is the best time of year in Madrid? Any time except winter, when it's freezing! Spring is great in Madrid because it brings so much colour to the parks, but is unfortunately so brief. We seem to go straight from winter to summer, then back again to winter – almost continental climate extremes.

Favourite Barrio? The old historic centre – the Madrid of the Habsburgs.

Favourite building? Without doubt what was known as the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones or Casa de Correos, which looks on to the Cibeles square and which will soon become the City Council's headquarters.

My favourite day trip from Madrid is toToledo, because it truly is the city of 3 cultures, has over 100 monuments in its historic centre and lies just over an hour away from Madrid.

A perfect 'night out' in Madrid would be …A walk through the old centre of Madrid, sampling a glass or two of wine with tapas at any bar that takes my fancy. Dinner at Casa Lucio, Posada de la Villa or similar restaurant in the Cava Baja area. Coffee, liquor, plenty of conversation with good friends, and to bed.

My favourite walk. As above, through the old centre of Madrid, particularly in and around the Plaza Mayor.

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