Madrid’s 2012 Olympic Dream – You can Play a Part, too


As the Olympics are now going on in Athens I thought it would be a good opportunity to write an article on Madrid’s bid to hold the 2012 Olympics. The city is bidding against London, Moscow, New York and Paris and the winner will be told on July 6, 2005. All things considered many are of the opinon that it will come down to Paris, Madrid and London with Madrid having a very good chance if it can overcome the main contender Paris. The city has the support of most of its citizens, and fellow Spaniards, and has the infrastructure already in place to handle both the visitors and competitors.

Madrid has developed a website, Madrid 2012, which gives visitors information on the Games Model, the Installations it plans to build and Environmental and Traffic issues regarding the holidng of the games, amongst other things.

It is also possible to volunteer to help with the Olympics (10,000 have already applied) and you can even download an Olympic Relay baton which you can attach to email messages. These batons when clicked on by recipients will take them to a page where they can sign the visitors’ book. It’s all good fun but the serious issue is to help promote the city as the ideal venue for the 2012 Olympics.

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