Shooters – American Pool Hall in the Centre of Madrid

I´m not one to talk about places which have little relevance to Spain but just thought I´d let people know about a neat, pool hall on the Gran Vía (and because I love playing pool!). Shooters features 9 "American pool" tables in a large hall – it also has an Irish bar where you can find a wide range of imported beers and a dart board. You could easily be mistaken for thinking you were on the Costa del Sol (perish the thought), instead of downtown Madrid!! It is located on Gran Vía 31 (Metro Gran Vía or Callao) – just underneath the cafeteria Zahara.

4 thoughts on “Shooters – American Pool Hall in the Centre of Madrid”

  1. Hi Fred
    Glad to hear you like the blog! Shooters like EVERY other business I mention on this blog have paid me nothing, zilch, nada, sweet FA for the article. I write what I want to write and post things that interest my readers or myself. I like pool, so why wouldn´t I write about a pool hall?
    Next time you may want to try leaving your email address on posts on this site!

  2. Hi Graeme and any other Snooker players out there.
    Why not try Snooker 21 at Calle Antonio Moreno 21, nearest metro Opañel (line 6).
    Open daily and with two full size tables and an 8ft one.

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