Watch Spain-France in the Puerta del Sol

If you’re into football, or just want to soak up some Spanish party atmosphere, you should head off to the Puerta del Sol on Tuesday, 27th June. Here, in front of the Casa de Correos, the City Council has erected a giant screen, measuring 10.4 by 6.8 metres, where they will televise the Spain – France World Cup qualifying game at 9 p.m. Let’s hope the "selection" do well and get into the quarter finals (except if you’re French, that is!).

Alternatively, you could make your way to the Plaza de Colón, where games have been televised since he start of the Word Cup.

Advice: If you do go, make sure to watch out for pickpockets who are bound to be operating in the area – they often work in groups of 3.

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