White Night in Madrid

On Saturday 23rd September and Sunday, 24th September many of Madrid’s most famous buildings and locations will be lit up for the night and a number of ‘nocturnal’ (not just drinking!)events will take place. The “La Noche en Blanco Madrid” website describes the event thus:

The White Night corresponds to the model created by Paris’ Nuit Blanche, based on key concepts such as the city, night, culture, contemporary creation, cost-free experiences, discovering the city’s spaces and values, and pedestrian mobility supported by public transport and participation.


The White Night gathers a significant number of contemporary art galleries, bookshops, venues linked to design activities, live music venues, and playhouses and alternative theatres. A vast number of taverns, bars and restaurants have also wanted to take part in the initiative, forming a gastronomic circuit (see organisation and collaboration sections).

The website is pants, like many websites that come out of Madrid!, though it sort of gives you an idae of what’s going on that night.

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