Paul Gauguin Exhibtion

Gauguin1Gauguin and the Origins of Symbolism, which opens today (Sept 28th), is one of the major art exhibitions on display this autumn in Madrid. The exhibition is organised by both the Thyssen Museum and the Fundación Caja Madrid and held in 2 locations: the museum itself and the Fundación’s own building. As the Thyssen website says: [the exhibition] focuses on the period during which Paul Gauguin and other artists of his time began to move away from impressionism and develop a new pictorial language influenced by Symbolism”.

In total there are 186 paintings on display. It covers the period from when he first became a professional painter to the time he went to Tahiti. From the 26th October to the 26th Novermber there will also be a series of conferences about the subject. The information on the Thyssen Museum website is very good (and in English).

Duration: 28th September – 9th January
Address (Thyssen):Paseo del Prado
Opening Times: 10 a.m to 7 p.m
Prices: 6

Address (Fundación Caja Madrid): Plaza de San Martín
Opening Times: 10 a.m to 8 p.m
Prices: Free

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