My Madrid – Candy Lee Laballe

I haven’t done a My Madrid article for a while and was actually prompted to invite the next “interviewee” by the person herself! She is quite direct. Well, anyway Candy Lee Laballe came to Madrid on a whim in 1997 and stayed for two years. She left to pursue the “American Dream,” found it in […]

It’s Nice To Receive Thanks!

I normally leave blog comments where they belong – either on a blog article or in the bin! – but this time I thought I’d share this everyone. On a wet, miserable day in Wales, it was nice to open this email this morning: What a delightful experience! An authentic spanish bar with delicious food, […]

Planeta Vino – Madrid Wine Blog

I wrote an article going back about a year – Wine Dinner At Restaurante Memento – about an event which was organised between Memento restaurant and Planeta Vino, a wine tasting company from Madrid. Well, I just chanced on Planeta Vino’s weblog and thought I would share it with visitors. Mary O’Connor updates the blog […]

Madrid Tapas Fair – Sample Local Cuisine

The Annual Feria de la Tapa takes place from the 30th May to the 3rd June, 2007 in the Palacio de Deportes. The idea is to offer visitors the full range of tapas available to the public from local Madrilenian businesses. Entry is free and visitors will be ale to sample tapas and drinks at […]

Madrid Flamenco Festival – Suma Famenca – Returns for 2nd Year

This week sees the start of Suma Flamenca, a Flamenco Festival put on by the Madrid City Council. It brings together some of the biggest names in Flamenco and offers the possibility of seeing dance, singing and instrumental shows. Some of the hottest names in Flamenco will be in town this week, including José Menese, […]

Exhibition of Spanish Postwar Publicity and Propaganda

If you’re interested in Spanish ‘Modern’ history, you may want to head over to the Círculo de Bellas Artes for its latest exhibition: Post War: Propaganda and Publicity. On show are over 200 posters and other memorabilia which show the close connection of the Franco regime with business. The exhibition runs until the 20th May.

Angelika Cinema Lounge Madrid

There’s a bar/cafe down on Madrid’s Cava Baja that I have walked past on a number of occasions – never actually going into it, until now. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it – a video selection as you walked in, high stools around a bar, a smart Apple monitor also behind the […]

Casa de Campo – A Walk In Madrid’s Biggest Park

Yesterday, I went for a lovely walk to Madrid’s Casa de Campo. Situated to the west of the city, it used to be the hunting grounds for the Spanish Monarchy. It covers a staggering 1,722 hectares – compare that with Retiro Park’s 142 hectares and Central Park’s 340 hectares – and you could say it […]

Ten Places I Would Never Eat or Drink in Madrid

I was walking around Madrid the to other day when I started thinking about some of the places that tourists go which add little, or no, value to the Madrid experience.They are often franchises, plastic in aspect and with no character. I explored this a little further with Vicen, my brother-in-law, and here is our […]

I Love Paris (in Madrid!)

On the 13th, 14th and 15th April, 2007 the Madrid Players are putting on a show called I Love Paris Spring Revue. According to their blog, I Love Paris: is a tribute to the music of the City of Lights: by the American composers who fell under her spell, and the French artistes who have […]

Beware Spaniards Wielding Umbrellas

Today, 9th April 2007, it is raining quite heavily in Madrid. For some reason, and coming from the UK, I didn´t anticipate that it would rain this afternoon. But boy, has it rained! And when it rains, the umbrellas come out. A word of warning! Generally, the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane. […]

When in Madrid, Make an Effort to Speak Spanish

I overheard a conversation today between an English guy and a waiter in one of the bars. The English guy had just finished his coffee and said to the waiter: "the bill – two coffees". When he handed over a 5-Euro note and received his change he said: "thank you". BLOODY HELL! This sort of […]

New Prado Extension Unveiled

Having spent 152 million Euros on developing the new extension to the Prado Museum, yesterday the new “wing” of the Prado was opened by the Spanish culture minister Carmen Calvo. Designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, it adds an extra 22,000 square metres to the great museum. One of the main focal points will be […]

New Banner Header for Mad About Madrid

If you’re not a first-time visitor, you will see that I have a brand, spanking-new header. Over the past couple of weeks I have been making modifications to this site and felt that I had to start developing a new brand with nice images of Madrid. My images of Madrid are very amateurish, so I […]

Special Mention from Guardian Unlimited

I was told this morning that Mad About Madrid had received a special mention in the Guardian Unlimited’s  "Best of the net- The alternative Travvies awards". Though it didn’t win Sean Dobson’s award as Best Destination Blog, he did say: The destination category is strong and it would be remiss of us not to mention […]