Passing Themselves Off As Mad About Madrid

I was pretty peeved yesterday when I saw that someone was using Google AdWords to try, in my mind, to pass themselves off as Mad About Madrid. Have a look for yourselves on Google – all you’ve got to do is type in the words: "mad about madrid" into Google. And please let me know […]

Advert from Turismo Comunidad de Madrid

I quite like this advert from Turismo Comunidad de Madrid. With the strapline El cielo, la tierra, Madrid, tu mundo – The sky, the earth, Madrid, your world – and with music from the Kings of Convenience playing in the background it gives the tourist a 4 minute journey around Madrid and its surroundings. Just […]

Madrid Features in New Coke Ad

I was watching an advert on British TV last night  when, suddenly, images of Madrid flashed across the screen. It would appear that the latest advert (only in the UK?) for Coke Zero features some of the prominent buildings of Madrid’s business district. I saw Madrid’s Torre Picasso and one of the bridges which spans […]

US Expat Questionnaire

To all the US expats living in Madrid. Mark Nykanen and Eric Burnette are two writers who are currently writing a book, called Fear, Fury, and Exile: Why Young, Liberal, Educated Americans are Permanently Leaving the US, which is due for publication in 2007. They are currently researching the book and are looking for people […]

Would You Like to Collaborate on Mad About Madrid?

Over the last month or so I have been speaking to people in Madrid about the possibility of working with me to further develop this site. To date I have met some great people and we are starting to collaborate on projects and articles – you will see the fruits of these discussions soon. Mad […]

Sign Up For Email Alerts From Mad About Madrid

I would like to introduce visitors to the Mad About Madrid website to a new service that I have added to this site. It is called Feedblitz and allows visitors to the Mad About Madrid site to sign up for email alerts of when this site is updated. You simply add your email address to […]

Carolina Herrera on Madrid

Whilst searching for a quote for an article that I’m currently writing, I came across an interesting article on the world-famous fashion designer Carolina Herrera. The article, called Spanish Steps and written by Mitchell Owens, offers a fascinating insight into Carolina Herrera’s love affair with Madrid. It talks about her favourite tapas, bars, museums and […]

FITUR 2006 Opens in Madrid

FITUR will be the second major exhibition that I have commented about this week – it looks like we are in the middle of the exhibition season in Madrid. From the 25th – 29th January 2006 Madrid will host the 26h edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair (Feria Internacional de Turismo). On the 25th-27th […]

Indepedent’s Guide to Madrid

The week before last the Independent Newspaper (UK) had a very interesting supplement on Madrid, which you can now view online. Here is a summary of the various sections: 24 Hours In: Madrid – The travel writer Simon Calder kicks off the day in Puerta del Sol, heads off to the Plaza Mayor and then […]

New Tourism Centre in Madrid

It looks like visitors to Madrid will now be able to get tourist information from a new Tourism Office. Situated in the famous Casa de la Panadería, in the Plaza Mayor, the office will be open from 9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. According to the Esmadrid website: "The centre has arranged six internet access points […]

First Mad About Madrid Contributor

About a month ago I posted an article on Mad About Madrid inviting people to contribute to this blog – I had some very good responses since then and have met up with some interesting and enthusiasitc people. Ryan Opaz is one of them and from now on he will be contributing articles to this […]

A Hedonist´s Guide to Madrid

A Hedonist´s guide to … is designed to appeal to a more urbane and stylish traveller. The kind of traveller who is interested in gormet food, elegant hotels and seriously chic bars – the traveller who feels the need to explore, shop and pamper themselves away from the madding crowd. The first time I saw […]

Surfing the Internet near Puerta del Sol

Just came across a very useful Internet Café near the Puerta del Sol, which could prove handy to those staying or milling around the area. It is called (no website!!) and is located in Tetuán street, number 3. The cost per hour is 1.4 Euros and you can buy hot or cold drinks while […]

Would You Like To Write Articles For Mad About Madrid?

Over the next few months I will be looking for people to collaborate with me in writing articles and generally developing the Mad About Madrid website. I plan to develop the site into the one of the most successful city travel sites on the web and would like your help. So, whether you’re a Spanish […]

Madrid Suffers Heaviest Snowfall for 20 Years

Madrid has just suffered its heaviest snowfall in over 20 years. Many Madrileños, including my nephew and niece, woke up to find the city covered with snow this morning and most roads and rail networks were affected. In some parts of outlying Madrid some 20 centimetres of snow fell. It does snow in Madrid in […]