Great Value Madrid – Menú del Día (Menu of the day)

If you’re want lunch in Madrid, then you should look out for the excellent value Menú del Día (or menu of the day). Most Spanish bars and restaurants offer the Menú del Día which includes a starter, main course and dessert (or coffee). All three courses offer a variety of plates and they also include […]

Tapas in Madrid

Tapas are a great Spanish invention and now renowned all over the world. But probably no place has the variety of dishes which are available in Madrid (I expect comments on this!). My definition of a ‘tapa’ is a small plate of food which accompanies a drink, which seems to be much the same as […]

‘Cider Bar’ in Madrid

Madrid has quite a few places where you can enjoy good cider, usually from the Asturias region – Casa Mingo is one such place. I came across another earlier this month in c/Fuencarral 102 called Corripio. The place offers excellent cider and good ‘snacks’ to go with it. I ordered a glass of cider and […]

La Trocha – the place for Brazilian Caipirinhas

In Madrid’s c/Huertas you will find a small bar called La Trocha. This bar has been around for over 25 years, serving the famous Brazilian drink Caipirinha. The way they make caipirinha is by cutting lemons up into small pieces and using a press to squeeze the juice out of them. To this is added […]

Naturbier – a Micro Brewery in the heart of Madrid

The Cervecería Naturbier is almost always one of my stopping-off points when going for a night out to Plaza Santa Ana and Calle Huertas. It is in the heart of Plaza Santa Ana and features probably the only microbrewery in Madrid – the beer includes a light cloudy lager and a dark Viennese beer. In […]

Irish Bars in Madrid

Most of the bars and restaurants you will find on this site are dedicated to all things Spanish. However, I must say that I have had some wonderful nights out, and [rugby] afternoons in some of these Irish bars and felt they were definitely worth a mention. My personal favourites have to be Finnegan’s and […]

Viva Madrid!

Viva Madrid is a classic old-style Madrid bar which dates from the turn of the last century. It is situated off the popular Plaza Santa Ana, near the 18th century Teatro Español. I have come across a couple of sites which say that the place used to popular with Ava Gardner and her lover, the […]

Terrazas in Madrid – perfect for summer

Summers in Madrid are always very hot with temperatures often hitting 40° C and above. However, this is the time of year when the whole city takes to the streets and bars and restaurants decamp to the pavements. All over the city you will be able to enjoy lunch or dinner, drink an afternoon coffee […]

My Madrid – Juan Dominguez

My Madrid is a new feature on the Mad About Madrid site, where I invite people who either live in Madrid or who know the city well, to write about things they like. The first person I have asked is Juan Dominguez, a 36 year-old director of E-commerce and Business Services in, an internet […]

Fast Good a new fast food concept opens in Madrid

Last month the top Catalan chef, Ferrán Adrià, opened a new concept in fast food called ‘Fast Good’. This new outlet is located in the hotel NH Eurobuilding and aims to prove that it is possible for a fast food restaurant to provide clients with better, richer and healthier food. Two examples that are cited […]

Jazz in Madrid – from Café Central to Clamores

Over the past 20 years there has been an upsurge in the amount of jazz bars in the capital and now you can fin dquite a few dotted around the city. Café Central, close to Madrid’s Plaza Santa Ana, is probably the best known Jazz club in Madrid. Popular in the day when you can […]

Las Bravas – great tapas bar in Madrid

A short walk from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol you will find a bar called Las Bravas. It is a very simple bar, with standing room only and very noisy. But here you will find some of the best ‘bravas’ in Madrid. Patatas bravas are small chunks of potato, cooked like chips (fries) and served with […]

Café de Oriente

The Café de Oriente enjoys one of the finest views of any eating/drinking establishment in Madrid. It is situated in the Plaza de Oriente, and is directly opposite the Royal Palace and next to the Opera House. The café is a great place to have a mid-afternoon coffee, or even a hot chocolate and to […]

Cervecería Santa Bárbara

The Cervecería Santa Bárbara in Madrid´s Plaza Santa Bárbara is one of Madrid´s more famous drinking establishments. The main beer on tap is a local lager called Mahou, you can also get a dark beer and alcohol-free lager from the same company. The bar was established in 1947 and is well-known for the huge range […]