Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Madrid

Spain is a predominantly Catholic country – regardless of whether people try to say it has become more secular (acceding to the Spanish statistics office 92% of the population have been baptised Catholic). And as in other mediterranean countries (Italy, Portugal and Malta) the Holy Week is the focal point of the church calendar. All […]

Madrid History, Background and Overview

Following on from the previous article (History of Madrid), you may be interested in taking a look at the Madrid entry on Wikipedia, a free online encyclpedia. Wikipedia is a fantastic site that allows people to add/edit information to any of the 374163 articles that are within the site. The Madrid entry includes information on […]

History of Madrid

From looking at my statistics, I have noticed that quite a lot of people have been searching for the history of the Madrid. Rather than writing an extremely long article I thought I would identify soem good sources where you can get more information. City Council’s History of Madrid – You will find some excellent […]

Walking tours around Madrid

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce website has an interesting section, called Rutas por Madrid, on their site dedicated to tours around Madrid. They give you route maps, brief overview of what you are likely to see and recommended places to eat, drink and shop. They include Literario (Literary), Medieval, Romántico (Romantic), Moderno (Modern), Austrias, Borbones […]

Real Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida – a Goya Masterpiece

On Madrid´s Paseo de la Florida you will find the Real Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida, which aside from being the final resting place of the great Spanish artist Goya is also known by some as Madrid´s Cistine Chapel. The chapel was built on the instructions of Carlos IV and the ceilings of […]

Madrid – a brief overview

Madrid – capital of Spain and the supposed geographic and political centre of Spain; well the exact geographic centre of Spain is actually just outside Madrid but the centre of practically everything else Spanish, it certainly is. Madrid is the home of the Royal Family; the parliament; all major government ministeries; the Prado, Reina Sofia […]