My Madrid – Rosa Jiménez Cano

>Rosa Jiménez Cano has lived in Madrid since she was a child. She lived in Coslada, a neighbourhood of Madrid, until she finshed Secondary School but once she started university she discovered that "I just slept in Coslada… But I lived in Madrid, the city I love. Right now, I’m moving to a new flat […]

My Madrid – Candy Lee Laballe

I haven’t done a My Madrid article for a while and was actually prompted to invite the next “interviewee” by the person herself! She is quite direct. Well, anyway Candy Lee Laballe came to Madrid on a whim in 1997 and stayed for two years. She left to pursue the “American Dream,” found it in […]

My Madrid – Marina Diez

For this feature of My Madrid I have invited another Madrileño (well, Madrileña actually!) to answer some questions on the things they like about Madrid. Marina Diez was born in, and still lives in, Madrid – at the moment she lives just south of the Retiro park near Mariano de Cavia. She married an Englishman, […]

My Madrid – Haroula Spyropoulos

For the latest instalment of "My Madrid", I have invited Haroula Spyropoulos, a Fulbright Fellow who comes from Chicago to take part. Haroula is curently involved in teaching, writing and working on a film project, which was part of the reason for her getting a grant to come to Spain. She has worked in the […]

A Selection of My Madrid Articles

As many of you are aware I often ask people to take part in the "My Madrid" section of my site, where people let us know about their favourite foods, bars, restaurants, walks of Madrid and even seasons. Well, here is a complete selection of people who have taken part so far. I hope you […]

My Madrid: Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter is the 27 year-old editor of InMadrid, billed as Madrid’s No.1 English Language Publication, who hails from Essex but now lives on the Gran Vía. He has been writing for the magazine for five years, and editing it for a year. Since he first arrived in Madrid he has taught English, worked at […]

My Madrid – Andrés Jarabo Perez

Andrés Jarabo was born in the nothern part of the Madrid province, wher he lived most of his life. At the age of 27 he started making car trips to the city center fascinated by a ‘secret’ neighborhood known as Hapsburg Madrid. Currently he struggles to combine his accountancy career with the social and gastronomic […]

My Madrid: Susana Bourne

Susana is a British subject who was born and brought up in Madrid. She speaks Spanish, English and French. After achieving a BA (Hons) degree she worked for a software company in Spain, and then spent six years working for a major engineering consultancy in the UK, which allowed her to travel. Susana returned to […]

My Madrid – Francisco Rodriguez Veiga

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Francisco (Fran), at Café Madrid (c/ Mesón de Paños, 6 – Metro: Opera) to talk about the International Evenings that are held there every Wednesday. Afterwards I invited him to take part in the ‘My Madrid’ section of this site. Fran is a freelance […]

My Madrid – Pereza

One month ago I wrote an article about Pereza, a Madrid Rock duo, who are currently number 6 in the Spanish Top 40 (Los 40 Principales). Well, I decided to fire off an email to ask them if they’d like to contribute in the ‘My Madrid’ section of this site and they said they would. […]

My Madrid: Roger Warwick

Roger Warwick is 41 years old and was born in Leeds, England. Having studied Computing at University, he moved to Spain in 1988, originally teaching English to business students. Later he moved to a computer company and finally ended up working for an International Company, where he now works as the IT Support Manager for […]

My Madrid – Beverley Fearis

Travel journalist Beverley Fearis couldn’t resist when she was asked to research and write A Hedonists Guide to Madrid for a new series of guides. She spent two months living in the city, getting to know its every corner by personally checking out all of its best bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and attractions. She returned […]

My Madrid – Carolina Borgesi

For the 4th instalment of ‘My Madrid‘ I have invited Carolina Borgesi, a 29 year-old architect and graduate of the University of Buenos Aires to let us know about what she likes about the city . Married to Germán González Garrido, they both founded Proyectodigital, a design and architectural illustration company and, which since […]

My Madrid – Juan Manuel Sampere

This is the third contribution to the ‘My Madrid‘ section, where I invite people with ‘inside information’ on Madrid to write about what they like about the city. Juan Manuel Sampere was born in Madrid almost 50 years ago and has always lived in this ‘vibrant and changing city.’ His life has been devoted to […]