Atlético de Madrid – Madrid’s ‘other’ football team

Atlético de Madrid is one of the 2 teams from Madrid that play in the ‘Primera’, the other being Real Madrid. This year marks the centenary of this great club and a number of events have been organised over the course of it. The team was founded in 1903 and plays out of the famous […]

Rugby World Cup in Madrid

The Rugby World Cup starts this weekend (October 10th) in Australia.So, if you can’t bear to miss the England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland games, and you find yourself in Madrid at this time, find yourself an Irish pub.

Real Madrid tickets and David Beckham

David Beckham joined Real Madrid last month and you can find the number ’23’ shirt all over the country’s capital. I have seen prices as low as 48 Euros (not sure how genuine they were) and topping put at 78 Euros. Tickets for Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium are now in hotter demand than ever, so […]