J and J Books and Coffee

I haven’t done a visitor recommendation for quite some time now so it was nice to receive an email from someone last week. Here’s what Greg had to say: I recently found your site and saw that the best bookstore in Madrid is actually not listed on your site. It’s a new and used bookstore […]

Comedy Club in Madrid

I had an email the other day from Stephen Garland who runs the only English language professional comedy club in Madrid in the Teatro Alfil – looks like he started last November. You can find more information on his website – Giggling Guiri. Here is the press release from Stephen: We have a fantastic American […]

Segway Tours of Madrid

Following quickly on the trail of my restaurant recommendation, I have received another suggestion from a visitor to Madrid. William Brunnel of Scotland often goes to Madrid and on his last trip he saw something that he had never seen before, a Segway tour of the city. Here’s what he told me: "On my last […]

Restaurante Memento Opens in Madrid

I quite often get emails from people recommending places to eat, exhibitons to look out for and concerts to go to. Well, I think I’m going to start posting them directly on to the site and placing them into a new category, let’s call it "Visitor Recommendations". Here’s the first one from Adrienne Smith, who […]