Cine Doré and Filmoteca – No Blockbuster films here!


Cine Doré is a great film theatre, which dates back to 1923. The films it shows are certainly not the blockbusters you see in mainstream Spanish cinemas (and almost always dubbed) and acts as a magnet for film buffs. Cine Doré has three screens, which show films every day in their original language. They often have film weeks, where they will project the films of a famous director, like Luis Buñuel or Woody Allen or from a certain country, like Sweden or Japan. From July until the middle of September they offer an open-air cinema.
Cine Doré comes under the control of Filmoteca whose mission statement is to investigate and preserve the cinematogrpahic patronage and promote its knowledge. Filmoteca itself comes under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Culture and Education and has a huge historical film archive.

Here is the current programme schedule

1.35 €
10.22 € for 10 sessions

Fimoteca: Magdalena 10 (Metro – Tirso de Molina)
Cine Doré – Santa Isabel 3 (Metro – Antón Martín)

One thought on “Cine Doré and Filmoteca – No Blockbuster films here!”

  1. If you really enjoy good cinema, this is your place. And only by 2,5€ (2006 price)
    But also the chocolate cake in its cafe deserves the visit.
    It’s allocated between Sol and Atocha train station.
    Enjoy the visit!!!

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