Festival Madrid en Danza opens

06032302From the 28th March to the 23rd April, 2006 Madrid will hold the Festival Madrid en Danza (Madrid Dance Festival). It will consist of 27 shows in both Madrid and the wider community. Groups from Spain (Madrid, Cataluña y Galicia) and foreign dance groups (Italy, France, the UK, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary) will take part.

According to the Guia del Ocio, these are some of the shows to look out for:

Gallotta.  (from France)
Teatro Madrid. 6th to 8th April

Teresa Nieto.
Teatro La Abadía. 17th to 19th April

Pradillo. 18th and 19th April

Centro Cultural de la Villa
19th to 21st April

Ballet de Basilea.
Teatro Albéniz. 20th to 22nd April

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