Walking down c/ Preciados from Plaza Callao to Puerta del Sol, the wonderful smell of coffee hits you about a third of the way down. It comes from a shop called La Mexicana, which offers a small but superb collection of Columbian coffee. Coffee is a major part of Madrid life – café sólo, café con leche, café cortado, café con hielo, to name but a few – and this is one way of taking it with you. If you want a list of other La Mexicana shops around Madrid, go to their website.

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  1. Hi Gary
    I have been unable to find this out but looking on La Mexicana website it says that they are members of the Colombian Coffee Producers Federation. On further investigation I ended up at Juan Valdez’s site – http://www.askjuan.com/index2.htm, which is mentioned by La Mexicana and these are a couple of companies that link from this site and who sell this Colombian Coffee online: https://www.timothys.com/lavereda.asp; http://www.communitycoffee.com/
    Hope this helps

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