First Mad About Madrid Contributor

RyanAbout a month ago I posted an article on Mad About Madrid inviting people to contribute to this blog – I had some very good responses since then and have met up with some interesting and enthusiasitc people. Ryan Opaz is one of them and from now on he will be contributing articles to this blog.

I met Ryan a couple of weeks back on a sunny (aren’t they all?) afternoon in the Plaza Santa Ana. Ryan is an American, married to Gabriela, and has been living in Madrid for a few months. The really interesting thing about Ryan is his passion for, and knowledge of, wine. He has worked in the industry for a number of years and has already starting establishing contacts in the wine industry in Spain – recently he has made trips to La Rioja and the Basque country.

For Mad About Madrid, Ryan will be contributing articles relating to food and drink in the capital and we will jointly be working on promoting food and drink tours around Madrid – headed up, obviously , by Ryan. We are really excited about the prospect of offering these tours and we hope to be able to launch them in the month of May.

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