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Mad About Madrid has been running now for almost 3 years. In fact the 3rd Anniversary of its launch came about in August, 2006. Over that time the site has grown, both in the number of visitors it receives and the amount of content that is added to it.

Learn more about how your business could benefit by partnering with Mad About Madrid.

For those unfamiliar with its format, it is structured as a weblog,
which means that as articles are posted they appear in chronological
order and are archived according to both subject and date. The articles
which are posted on this site are written purely for the traveller to
Madrid. Subjects covered include: food, drink, museums, walks,
entertainment (dance, music, theatre), exhibitions, travel advice,
excursions, amongst many other things.

Articles are either sourced by myself, Alun John, or by individuals
living in Madrid, people who have been to Madrid, publishers,
journalists or PR companies. One or two people have also kindly written
articles for this site.

Advertising Opportunities
Currently, the main advertising
opportunities on this site are located on the top left and top
right-hand side areas of the site. They are highlighted in the image


The right-hand area advertising space is currently occupied by a
hotel affiliate scheme, which generates a reasonable income for the
site. The left-hand advertising space is taken up by Google AdWords. If you would like to advertise on this site, these will probably be the first areas that you would look to advertise on. The structure of the site means that adverts placed in these positions appear on every page of the site, not just the home page.

Advertising Units – Typical advert sizes will be 150 x 150 pixels and adverts placed nearer the top of the advertising blocks will attract higher prices.I would be happy to quote you should you wish to purchase more than one advertising unit – this would probably only apply to restaurants or hotels.

The Search Engines
Google – This
search engine has indexed over 450 pages and rising on a weekly basis.
Mad About Madrid features on the first page of this site for,
literally, hundreds of search terms – "madrid bars", "madrid shopping",
"madrid tapas", "madrid food", "madrid nightlife", "madrid teaching",
"madrid entertainment", amongst many other words. Even for the word
"Madrid" the site moves between pages 2 and 3, which is no mean feat!

Yahoo! – has indexed around 190 pages and, similar, to Google many of the keywords can be found here.

MSN has indexed 420 pages.

All search engines identify that there are hundreds of links into the site from other websites and the site enjoys an enviable Google™ PageRank™ of 6/10.

The site also has large numbers of RSS subscribers on Bloglines and Feedblitz.

Mad About Madrid regularly gets over 500+ visitors a month. The latest figures (October, 2006) show that the average number of unique visitors was 506.

As the graph below shows, year-on-year the site is registering an average increase of between 30 and 50%.

Click To Enlarge

Visitors mainly come from the USA, Spain, UK and Europe. Here is a
snapshot from Google Analytics of traffic for the past month (October,

Click To Enlarge

In the long term I anticipate that the site will continue to grow at
the same, or higher, levels than before and that more and more
partnered opportunities will come about – tours, puchase of tickets,
information booklets, podcasts, etc. The aim is to keep it as one of
the most important information sites for visitors to Madrid.

Should you be interested in advertising on this site, I would be
more than happy to hear from. I would be happy to advertise hotels,
bars, restaurants, events, language schools or anything else which is typically Spanish and will add value to the visitor’s experience in Madrid. So, why not drop me a line at

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