Madrid: The 10th Most Liveable City in the World

According to the International Herald Tribune Madrid is the World’s 10th Most Liveable City. Munich is the most liveable – with a total of 7 other European cities being in the top 10. Each city has a dedicated page outlining the attributes of each and Madrid’s – Madrid emerges from Barcelona’s shadow (I can already hear the Madrileños spitting at that!) – talks about the work undertaken by the mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, and the usual:

But Madrid has huge pluses: all the major employers are here; eating out is cheap (€30 per head at a good restaurant) and there is a plethora of cheap public transport and a 24-hour nightlife.

There are some good stats and commentary here. The main article is called Quality of Life 2007 and makes for interesting reading.

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