Madrid in August

I think that I will be posting light during the month of August – there isn’t much going on! As many of you may be aware the city tends to close its shutters for the month (though things are changing) and some of the best-loved bars and restaurants will close for the staff to take a well-earned break. However, it’s not all quiet and I’ll try and keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the city over the next few weeks.

Metropoli has a review of 5 plays by contemporary authors that will play over the month at the Casa Encendida, which by the way has one of the summer’s best terrazas (open air bars). The authors are contemporary playwrights: Rafa Ponce, Sara Molina, Carlos Rod and Pilar Campos, Carlos Sarrió and Álex Naranjo. Entrance costs just 3 Euros.

There looks like an interesting exhibition over at the Círculo  de Bellas Artes, entitled "De la España que emigra a la España que acoge" (from the Spain which emigrated to the Spain which took in). It has eight starnds to it, which include: The exile of 1939, From the country to the city, America and other countries, The return and Spain country of welcome.

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