Madrid Suffers Heaviest Snowfall for 20 Years

Snow in Retiro ParkMadrid has just suffered its heaviest snowfall in over 20 years. Many Madrileños, including my nephew and niece, woke up to find the city covered with snow this morning and most roads and rail networks were affected. In some parts of outlying Madrid some 20 centimetres of snow fell.

It does snow in Madrid in winter, and indeed you can go skiing in the mountains around the city, but it is not normal for this amount of snow to fall. Even though the snow caused accidents and inconvenience, it was an opportunity for some beautiful pictures to be taken of the city. Here is a selection of photos that I have come across:

Impresionante nevada en Madrid
– El Mundo

La nieve que vieron los lectores (Readers’ Photos) – El Mundo

Postales blancas de Madrid (White postcards), by Carlos Barajas El Mundo
Fotos de España nevadaTerra
Tercer gran temporal de inviernoEl Pais

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