Maps of Madrid

By reviewing my stats, I have noticed that a number of people have requested a map of Madrid. Well, here are a couple of suggestions that should keep most people happy:

Multimap – simply select Spain from the drop-down list, wait for the page to refresh and then type in you street name if you know it and city name. If you want to start from a central location, type in “Puerta del Sol”. You can easily move up, down and across to find other locations.

Maporama follows the same principle.

If you want a Metro Map, then take a look at the Madrid Metro site.

Bus Map – unfortunately the bus site, like many other Madrid sites, is only in Spanish (it looks like they are planning an English version). However, it shouldn’t prove too dificult to work out. On the right-hand side of the page you will see “Desde donde estoy, ¿Que línea debo tomar para ir a …?” (where am I and what line must I take to get to..?). Click on this and you will be presented with 2 boxes ‘origen’ and ‘destino’ – simply add the name of the street you start in and the destination street. The results page displays a map with the route labelled for you. Simple!

The website of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid (City Council of Madrid) also has a good map – simply type in the name of the street (vial) and hit ‘buscar’.

Looking to buy a map? Well, this is a good, cheap map from Amazon.


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