Passing Themselves Off As Mad About Madrid

I was pretty peeved yesterday when I saw that someone was using Google AdWords to try, in my mind, to pass themselves off as Mad About Madrid. Have a look for yourselves on Google – all you’ve got to do is type in the words: "mad about madrid" into Google. And please let me know when they stop this practice!


5 thoughts on “Passing Themselves Off As Mad About Madrid”

  1. Hi Roger
    Good to hear from you! It doesn’t look like Expedia is doing it but one of their affiliates. I have spoken to Google and they don’t seem to want to do anything about it. I assume the reason you can’t see it may be due to their daily budget being exceeded, the fact you’re in Spain or some other Google quirk. I hope they disappear soon, though!

  2. I’ve checked it using both Spanish and Dutch connections and can’t see it. Maybe the ad is targetted only to UK traffic. Have you checked any other sites to see if it’s happening (e.g. a search for go madrid or a search for madridman)?
    Your only possible consolation is that by advertising this fact, you’ve probably got anybody who CAN see the ad to click on it only to see what all the fuss is about and with no intention of purchasing the services on that site and thus making the advertiser spend needlessly.

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