Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Madrid 2004


Like many parts of Spain, Madrid will see quite a few processions and church services to mark Easter. In Spain, both Holy Thursday and Good Friday of Holy Week are official holidays and it is typical to see processions from many churches, with religious statues being carried by local people. It is not unusual to see statues being carried by around 20 people (often situated underneath the platform on which the statue is placed). These statues will reside in the churches, often in side chapels for the rest of the year.

The statues will usually depict the various scenes leading up the crucifixion of Christ and drums and bands will accompany the statues. Madrid is no exception to this and you can see the processions all over the city from Thursday to Saturday – probably the best area to view procesions is in and around the Plaza Mayor. One of the strangest sights is to see people dressed up, in what many would term ‘Klu-Klux-Klan, robes – these, I believe, are often people who are looking for penitence.

In addition, some of the more well-know churches, like the Real Iglesia de San Ginés and San Jerónimo el Real will be holding requiems over this period. For a detailed itinerary, download the 2004 Easter Week pdf from the Madrid City council website.

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