Casa Antonio – Old-Style Madrid Bar

No Hay Coca Cola,
Ni Refrescos

(Trans: We Don´t Sell Coke,
Or Soft Drinks)

This the sign that catches your eye behind the bar in Casa Antonio – I just love it  – if you want soft stuff, go somewhere else!

The Casa Antonio bar is located south of Madrid´s Plaza Mayor, and just off c/ Toledo, in c/Latoneros, 10. It is an old-style Madrid bar, with its own zinc sink (where wine and beer glasses are swilled out) and tiled walls and a history that goes back to the 1880´s. The bar has wooden benches around the walls which, on the day I was there, some of the locals had positioned in the open doors to watch the world go by, and a good selection of wines – around 20 reds, rosé’s and whites – that you can purchase by the glass. You can also buy tapas at the bar, too – the ham croquets are very good as are the chicken wings and Cabrales cheese.

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